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Charity Anderson

Senior Research Associate

Charity Anderson is a Senior Research Associate at the Joseph C. Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies and academic director of the Clemente Veterans’ Initiative Newark, a humanities course focused on themes of war and reconciliation for veterans and civilians. Charity is a former New York City Teaching Fellow and high school teacher; she taught in Title I high schools in Brooklyn and Queens and at a Medicaid-funded, residential psychiatric treatment facility for youth in Manhattan. She has also worked as an evaluator of first-year teachers in the Chicago Teaching Fellows Program. Her research interests include urban education, poverty and inequality, and transformative education for disenfranchised adults and youth.

She is particularly interested in courses like the Clemente Course in the Humanities, a free, college credit-bearing course for low-income adults, which she studied for two years as part of her dissertation research. Across the US, Clemente brings nontraditional adult learners together to tackle philosophy, literature, art and US history, and critical thinking and writing taught by college professors. Clemente graduates overwhelmingly report positive experiences in the course and describe feeling empowered as citizens and parents as a result of their participation. Charity holds a Ph.D. in social work from the University of Chicago.

Cornwall reports:

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Selected publications:

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