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A five-year project launched in the fall of 2020, Race, Poverty and the High School Experience in New Jersey is a series of studies investigating disparities in opportunities and outcomes for high school students in the state along lines of segregation. The studies intend to shed light on the high school experience of racial and ethnic minorities, of immigrants and language learners, of disabled and special education students. There are three framing questions:


  1. How is access to quality education distributed in New Jersey?


  1. How does the state’s persistent school segregation limit opportunity?


  1. What does the pipeline to adulthood look like? Where are we losing young people?


  1. Are there positive outliers and what can we learn from them?


Based on a very preliminary analysis of publicly available education data, we expect to find wide and systemic disparities across groups. It may be that ostensibly neutral policies and practices operate to disadvantage certain groups. We also hope to find schools or districts where those patterns do not hold and their example may be helpful to other districts.