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Marie-Jeanne Ndimbira-Rosner

Graduate Assistant

Mrs. Ndimbira-Rosner is a Ph.D. candidate from Windhoek, Namibia. Prior to her doctoral studies she co-founded the Physically Active Youth Programme (PAY), a holistic after-school program in Windhoek. She led PAY for over 13 years, building a youth development model that effectively closes the gaps facing young people in low-income urban communities. Through her doctoral studies and beyond, Marie-Jeanne seeks to integrate her practical knowledge and deep grassroots experience with theory and pedagogy in order to best serve youth in Africa and globally.

The title of her dissertation is How do Holistic Afterschool Programs Improve the Readiness of Poor Black Learners in Urban Namibia and South Africa to Enter Tertiary Education? Case Studies Examining Two Successful Afterschool Programs Operating in the Post-Apartheid Context.