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The Newark To and Thru Project is an effort to significantly increase the numbers of Newark, NJ students who graduate high school and enter a pathway to strong entry-level employment through college or workforce programs. The project is especially concerned with students attending comprehensive high schools. Newark Public Schools will be partnering with the Network for College Success at the University of Chicago which has won national acclaim for its success in improving postsecondary outcomes for urban students (e.g.,

The study investigates a series of high-leverage interventions that follow students from 8th grade into early adulthood. The points of emphasis include improving the quality of the 8th- 9th-grade transition, increasing the number of students on track to graduate after freshman year, increasing the number of students who graduate with GPA’s of B or better, and the number of students attending colleges that match their academic credentials. (Black and Latino students are particularly likely to under-match, which is associated with a reduced likelihood of graduation.) 2020-21 is the planning year for this project. This work is modeled on the To and Through Project at the University of Chicago.