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Engage Fairmount is a coalition of organizations dedicated to improving the life outcomes of Newark’s Fairmount Heights residents by developing, strengthening, and realigning neighborhood supports. Partners include the Urban League of Essex County, Greater Newark LISC, Fairmount Heights Neighborhood Association, the Cornwall Center, and Wells Fargo Bank. As an education partner, the Cornwall Center coordinates and supports local literacy and attendance initiatives, community outreach, and neighborhood events. Partnering with several neighborhood schools, the Cornwall Center, and its partners, work to support the Newark Board of Education Strategic Plan and increase services to Fairmount families. This includes access to quality program assessments, professional development, and funding opportunities. In 2020, the Cornwall Center received the Lead Agency Grant to lead community and civic service events in the Fairmount community. The goal of the Lead Agency Grant is to engage 500 Fairmount youth in service over the course of the 2020-2021 academic year.